Overview & Philosophy

Overview & Philosophy

Vitesse Sport Performance takes a balanced approach to training, blending all of the important attributes of the sport into one successful piece as understood in the heart of European cycling.  Strength, power, speed, and endurance training is interwoven into each custom program, providing Vitesse athletes with all of the physical ingredients needed to perform at a high level.  In addition to daily training, VSP works with its athletes to plan seasonally based on their personal goals – anything from high level racing aspirations to besting personal records on rides.

Start at any level, set your goals, and witness how quickly you will rise through the ranks.  Your coach will help to assess your current fitness and experience and will design for you a plan unmatched by anything in the region from a standpoint of communication, professionalism, and cycling knowledge both within and without of the peloton.

Vitesse views coaching as a personal relationship where an open stream of communication helps athletes and their coach develop in unison.

Depending on how much interaction you desire with your coach, you can pick between a full coaching program where you will maintain an open stream of communication and receive constant feedback and discussion, or an online coaching program where your coach will send you a detailed layout of your training in 3 month blocks.

How it works:

Before you can begin a coaching program, we need to learn more about you.

Your coaching program will be based on your own physiological data and constructed uniquely for your goals and to build on physical areas that need improvement, measured through Physiological Profile Testing. Before building your program, we will run a diagnostic test. Read more about Testing.

Instead of operating on assumption like traditional FTP testing by estimating what an athlete “could do” in 60 minutes, we correlate blood lactate, HR, and power output, and assign scores to each of your zones based on data from thousands of athletes from beginners to Olympians. The new numbers allow us to pinpoint exactly what we need to do to get your system operating to its potential!

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