Fitness Testing (PPT)

Physiological Profile Testing (PPT) is a controlled, continuous protocol that utilizes various metrics such as speed, power, heart rate, and blood lactate to measure physiological capacities in the areas that are pertinent to the events in which the athlete is competing.

  • Comprehensive physiological evaluation with Vitesse coaches in collaboration with Shannon Grady of Go Athletics. Read More
  • Assesses System strengths, weaknesses, rates, and capacities
  • Recommendations for individualized, optimal training phases and parameters
  • Monitors physiological functioning and System responses to training
  • NOT “lactate threshold” testing
  • “Lactate threshold” as a sole diagnostic component is an irrelevant piece of information for optimizing human performance


PPT analysis for training optimization and preventative measures for performance declines is unparalleled in human physiological performance evaluations.

Amongst sports science and medical research on the topic of “Overtraining Syndrome” there are no truly defined parameters or conclusive laboratory findings to diagnose Testing Photo“Overtraining Syndrome”. Most athletes are considered to be “overtrained” by subjective and unmeasurable parameters such as; fatigue, performance plateaus, appetite decreases, or muscle soreness. “Overtraining Syndrome” is simply deemed by symptoms alone and no real physiological markers or baselines to compare the athlete when they are considered properly trained versus being “overtrained”.

Go Athletics has spent over 17 years evaluating and tracking 1000s of athletes over prolonged periods of time. Our objective PPT analysis of athletes who have had many symptoms of “Overtraining Syndrome” demonstrate significant and sequential changes in their physiological profiles. When evaluating significant profile changes the question always becomes which factor is responsible for the negative response; training, fueling, recovery, iron levels? Sometimes the answer can be many of these factors but the PPT diagnostic value in tracking declining physiological functioning, regardless of the cause, is what we have observed and termed as, Sequential System Shutdown (SSS).

  • Enables a coach or athlete to identify if any Systems are becoming less functional
  • Prevent Sequential System Shutdown (SSS)
  • Appropriately address physiological declines before impacting performance
  • Expeditiously determine optimal training stimulus for each athlete
  • OBJECTIVE, DIRECT, MEASURABLE, AND REPEATABLE assessment of physiological functioning and adaptation

Cycling-specific testing available at Vitesse Sport Performance location.

Price: $200

(See pricing sheet for discounted pricing when purchasing a coaching plan.)