• Tour of Somerville Junior Women’s Open Victory (Julianna Rutecki, 2019)
  • Masters National Road Race Champion (Stephanie Gonzalez, 2013)
  • Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference Track Champion (Jason Hammond, 2015)
  • 3 Tour of the Battenkill Champions
    • Nick Pachuda, 2012
    • Mike Barbone, 2012
    • Stephanie Gonzalez, 2013
  • 5x PA State Time Trial Medalist (John Newton, 2011 – 2015)
  • Brazilian State MTB Series Champion + 13 wins in one season (Ralf Rimrott, 2014 – 2019)



Meet the Vitesse Sport Performance Athletes

Mike Barbone, Age 31 from West Chester, PA 

Top Result: 04/14/2012 – 1st Place – Tour of the Battenkill Cat 4

My past six years of XC and road racing have always been formulated by self created

Barbone Battenkill 2012 Win

Barbone Battenkill 2012 Win

training programs, usually borrowed from multiple books with no consistency and unattainable weekly goals on the bike.  I lacked structure with too many high intensity workouts and no recovery, leading to burn out early in my training.  My results were satisfactory, but deep down I felt that I could do better for my age and fitness level.  That’s when I discovered Mike Chauner’s training program.

I came to Mike in December, 2011, reiterating my need for a structured and goal oriented plan.  During our meeting, I could see in his eyes that he knew what needed to be done, right then and there.  We began a training program based on my needs, wants, and goals paired with his high level of knowledge and skill from many years of racing.  I also signed up for Mike’s Computrainer sessions and knew that the “good” pain and suffering  I experienced in the group workouts would slingshot me into an exciting year full of progression and extraordinary results…. and it did: I won Tour of the Battenkill Cat. 4, my primary season goal, right off the bat.  Mike’s vast racing and training knowledge, the structured plan, and the training buddies I met along the way were the best things to ever happen to my cycling career.


Nick Pachuda, Age 48 from Malvern, PA 

Top Results: 04/14/2012 – 1st Place – Tour of the Battenkill Cat 5

 04/29/2012 – 1st Place – Rock Lititz Tour Cat 5

Nick Pachuda Rock Lititz Win 2012

Nick Pachuda Rock Lititz Win 2012



Nick Pachuda began a training program with Mike Chauner at the end of 2011, and since then has lost over 30lbs, changed from a novice Cat 5 into one of the strongest Category 4 and Masters riders in the region, and collected major wins in only his second true season of racing.






Chuck Arensberg, Age 35 from Fair Hill, MD

Top Results: 11/17/12 – 1st Place – Rockburn Cross Men Masters Cat 3-4 35-49

06/03/2012 – 1st Place – Bike Line Fair Hill XC  Men 30-39

 05/20/2012 – 10th Place – Bike Jam/Kelly Cup  Cat 3/4

 04/14/2012 – 7t Place – ChesCo GP Phoenixville Cat 3/4

After 15 years away from the sport and a few recent low-key mountain bike races in my

Chuck Arensberg Racing

Chuck Arensberg Racing

pocket, I decided to have another crack at road racing. This time around, however, I would do it the right way and hire a coach to help guide my training using my effort, enthusiasm and time to seek the best possible success. I was initially swayed by a large organization and all of the pomp and circumstance that accompanies it. 6 months into that experience, however I made a switch to a Vitesse Sport Performance’s cycling coaching and have not looked back.

Since my move, I have benefited from a variety of what Mike and his network has to offer; in my case this included Computrainer indoor interval training sessions and races, Functional Threshold Power field tests, and an intense training camp in Mallorca, Spain. Most of all though, I have benefited from a specific goal-oriented program and a coach who is accessible, welcoming, organized, professional, and motivational. The ability to work with Mike Chauner during training rides, indoor sessions and at races has been instrumental in my rapid improvement on the bike.